Go For It!


I am a person that enjoys change and have a love for interior decorating and painting. My shop, “The Painted Pearl,” began about June of last year when my husband asked me if I wanted to move all my stuff/junk up to his old shop. He has just moved out because he built himself a new one. My first reaction was “Ah, no!” and then after pondering a few days, my answer changed to a big YES!!!

I have been so thankful to be out of my garage and in a place where I can come to focus on painting without distractions. At home, it was difficult to focus. I found myself often in a multi-tasking mode, not getting much accomplished, and, even worse, frustrated about it.

This space, “my happy place,” has plenty of storage and is also a place that I showcase my finished pieces. When customers come, they are so much more comfortable. Not being in a home creates a more professional space, and they know that it is a business. Plus, it helps put everyone at ease…mostly and importantly, me.

This is a little glimpse of what the front area looks like. Though this was taken a few months ago, thankfully all of those items have gone onward to their new homes. But, you can still get an idea of the space.


So, as you can imagine after working out of my garage, I am loving the space. After immersing myself in the (somewhat) full-time renovating, something else happened that I was totally unaware of. All the sudden, my hobby and part-time desire began a full-time on-my-mind thing. I am always thinking about what the next piece that I get to start is going to be. Moving into this space transformed my hobby into a business.

My desire for this blog is to showcase my painted furniture and other DIY stuff that I might get into. My husband is a contractor, so we always have interesting projects going on and are looking forward to sharing some as well. 

My main purpose is to inspire others. I have waited and set myself back from my gift for so long because I failed to believe in myself. My goal is to inspire others like myself that are waiting on their dreams to Go For It! 

I’m so glad that I did!!!




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