There was an item that was given to my son. He decided that he no longer needed or wanted it… so it became a new project of mine. A blank canvas of thoughts swirling about in my head.

I started preparing. My mind being filled with ideas of what I wanted, or possibilities of what this piece was going to become.

I also began looking at posts from people I follow on social media. It’s always nice to have a fresh perspective or get new ideas/inspirations, right? I mean, I can always use what other’s are doing and adjust my style to theirs. Maybe it was time for a new technique, or better yet, a new color of paint.

Why? Why did I do that?  All I know is regret from it, because I always regret not following my first choice.

I started looking at someone else’s painting styles, being a lot different from mine. From what I know, they could do very well with their pieces as far as selling them. I basically decided to do what someone else does, hoping that I might have a better outcome…. which was wrong in the end.

First of all, when I finish a piece and put it on a sale site, they are usually sold within a few days. I have obtained a style that seems to attract buyers. So, if I seem to attract and sell with what I’m doing…why change it?

I do not know what I was thinking! Pictured below is someone else’s style that I tried to copy and the results were definitely not what I was expecting.



What I assumed was going to sell so quickly, because I hurried through the process like the person I was trying to copy, ended up not producing the results that I had before. I would have taken less time doing it, which meant I would have made a greater profit… And that sounded wonderful to my ears.

What usually sells in just a few days, sat on social media sites with very few likes. I did get offer’s… but only low-ball offers. That only added insult to the injury.

What was going to happen? I was basically going to give this thing away. So, I set up a meeting with my low-ballers… and each one said they would get back with me… Really!?

Finally, my husband said “Honey, that thing is just ugly and no one is going to buy it.”     And to his amazement, I agreed! I decided I was going back to the beginning to do what I originally wanted to do, and in most cases, sold well.

I had to sand it not once, but twice, because the paint I used did not adhere. This was something that had never happened in the past. I have always used Kelly Moore paints and when I wanted a chalk-like finish, I used my own mix of chalk paint:

3 Tbsp Plaster Paris,

Mix it with water ’till it forms a soup like consistency,

And blend with one cup of Latex Paint!

What I did differently that time was using sample paint because I was being cheap. Sample paints don’t have all the properties needed to adhere because they are only for sampling color, which I picked up at a hardware store. First Lesson: Learned.

Sanding had always been a priority of mine before, but it wasn’t this time because I was trying to be speedy and make a quick profit. I skipped that step because, after all, chalk paint adheres really well. What I learned… was that this piece originally had a very thick varnish and it was (and still is) in need of sanding for the paint to stick. So, whoever it was that would have bought this piece, would have had the paint peeling off… Great!!! No, sanding and applying sample paint for a completed finish will not work.                       Second Lesson: Learned

I swallowed my pride, went back to sanding, and used this as a motivation to not get so caught up in the moment and not forget who I am and what I know to be the right thing.

After sanding, I then sprayed it in my favorite color,“Dover White” from Sherwin Williams. I have Kelly Moore make special mix for me and it is antiqued with a gray glazing and sealed for protection.


I purchased new doorknobs for the drawers (drawerknobs! Haha!) at Lowes, and used some of the old hardware as well, to give the piece the warmth I felt it needed. That ended saving me a little cash. Yes!

Here’s the shot of what I put on the Social Media site:


I sold this quicker than any other’s that I had listed before… and for full price!

I’m so grateful because this went to a wonderful family, and when she came to my shop, not only did she buy the buffet, she purchased the mirror and some accessories as well.

Never let someone else’s success define your’s destiny.

I am unique and I have a path that’s directing me to my future. Keeping my eyes on the path and my head up because God has great things in store for those who put their trust in Him.


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