“Ain’t Nothin Easy!”

Do you count the cost or survey the surrounding’s before or after you jump or dive into a choice or decision?

Have you stopped to consider the cost or consequences? 


The seed has everything it needs to succeed, already placed inside itself.  It is not, depended upon anything other than, its placement. 

We all make choices, and in that moment in-time, we plant a seed.

The exact position of the seed, determines the size of its growth.

Possible and probable outcomes, are in the owners hand, at the point of release.

Our choices are seeds, that are spoken and decisions that are made, at a place or time, that WE choose.

Have we stopped or paused…considering the place of our decisions departure, or have we counted the cost or surveyed the land, of its options?

Pondering… we may ask ourselves questions like: “Is this a fertile place or a rocky road that I’m considering to walk or start?”

Roads or pathway’s are destiny’s.

Our decision or call to action, on a particular thought can, and very well should be, a very thought out … discourse of action.

Consider your ways!

Are you a marathon runner or a sprinter?

Based on whether you bail, after any or all decision’s the moment you come across a few road-bumps, or adversities. This could be a sign, that you are probably a seasoned runner, and are quick and decisive. Ready to push thru, but only for a fast outcome.

Marathon runner’s are seasoned. They dont bail at the first sign of adversity. Pushing the way thru and overcoming tough obstacles, propels them to a desired affect…the finish line.

Sprinters see a target or desired goal. They consider the fastest route to overtake any and all obstacles, that pertain to that goal…victory.

Consider the obstacles that drive you to succeed.

Pushing thru to keep the momentum will keep you going.

Pushing thru and driving ourselves, often times to exhaustion. Adversity takes a toil quickly and much too often, we tend to see these types of people, on the side of the road… faced with exhaustion and weariness implodes the scenery.

I want to be a marathon runner in my life and choices, but my nature is to sprint. 

Overcome the need to move past adversities and not thru them, are serious mistakes.

The path to harmony and happiness can be found on a road paved with affliction and pain…its in how you train your mind, that determine’s the hearts will.

 Keep true to yourself and stay on the path…destined for a good future and outcome.


Past what you see, can be lots of changes, mazes of decisions and seeds of opportunities…

Stay true to your path.

Push thru the obstacles.

Gracefully dance around adversities and when the need arises, push thru and flex past, the opportunity or desire to quit!

You will obtain the victory.

That planted seed in the bed of fertile soil, will spring forth into a tree of provision and destiny.


Sometimes marathons are shorter distances than we thought.

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