So…who am I?

I enjoy a magazine laced with beautiful homes nicely furnished.

A drive into a neighborhood in the late evenings when its dark and I see strangers homes that dare to leave the blinds or curtains open, lamps lit. Myself eager to catch a glimpse of that very private space, they allowed to go public, just for my eyes.

Just to walk into a yard with green grass and the smell of fresh flowers. So alluring.

Having a need for new clothing and the first thing my heart desires to do is, go to a thrift store or a garage sale along my path.  I would rather find a gem tucked beneath or under an orderly pile (because I do not have patience for messes.) Its in these moments, I realize someone greater than myself, knows what I desire, and has ordered my steps.

Flowers that catch my fancy. The luxury of taking them home and preparing what I hope to be the perfect little oasis, in my garden. Working the precious soil with my hands and carefully placing this delicate, living being, into its new environment. The pleasure I receive in watching, a growing and thriving plant, come back each year, to greet me, again and again.

I have and will forever will be, a wanderer, for the best things in life, found in the not so desirable places. Pearls, in the sands of time… just waiting to be recognized, valued and taken to be mine.

I am a lover of new things that have the essence of an undesired past. Items that have been tossed to the side, kicked sometimes to the curb, for my eyes to see beauty and strength and a new future.

I am a very simple but complicated sort of being. Creativity driving my passion.

This is why I have created this blog to document my loves and the search and rescue of each piece. If you find yourself as you read this, saying to yourself… I love that, or she enjoys that too… well my new-found friend. Engage with me, let me know your presence so we can share this road together.

Be blessed!

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